Interview: Kayden Kross

From - Kayden Kross is widely recognized as one of the most popular and well-spoken performers in adult. A former Vivid and Adam & Eve contract talent, Kayden now plies her trade exclusively for Digital Playground and has been prominently featured in a number of the studio’s films, including the recently streeted Betrayal and upcoming feature The Masseuse 3.

When not performing on camera, Kayden hones her impressive writing skills by contributing to several industry websites in addition to hosting her own blog, UnKrossed.

Kayden co-stars in the upcoming Babysitters 2 blockbuster sequel from Digital Playground alongside fellow company contract starlets Jesse Jane, Riley Steele, BiBi Jones and Stoya. The film will be released on June 28.

Kayden kindly granted XXX Wasteland a recent interview to discuss Babysitters 2, her passion for writing and more. You can visit Kayden online at her official website,, and follow her on Twitter under the handle @Kayden_Kross.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about Babysitters 2 and your role in the film?

Babysitters 2 is the kind of feel-good, happy porn that you should sit down with your favorite fuck partner and make an evening of.

Q: What would you say are some of the key differences between this movie and the original?

You’re making me wish I’d seen the original. But obviously it’s better and must be watched. It’s much, much better.

Q: What similarities remain present in the sequel that fans of the first Babysitters will appreciate and enjoy?

More Jesse Jane.

Q: Are there any interesting or humorous stories from the Babysitters 2 set you can share?

I wrote a fun blog on it on Basically, the group sex scene had a lot of build-up. They are always my favorite parts of the big movies. I love the energy.

Q: You also starred in a recently released Digital Playground feature title called Betrayal. Can you tell us a little bit about that movie?

The story is very real. The feedback I’ve gotten seems to focus on the sex scenes being more emotional and a little off the beaten path as far as porn goes.

Q: You were honored with the 2011 XBIZ Award for Acting Performance of the Year. Is the acting element of performing in DP feature films something you greatly enjoy?

I’ve really come to love acting. Porn gives me a great theater to experiment in. I know I’m not gonna be fired for playing the role wrong, so the pressure is off. I love it a little more every time and Digital has been very good about giving me variety to play with.

Q: This past January marked your one-year anniversary as a Digital Playground contract performer. What do you enjoy most about working for the studio?

I love the projects. Everything at Digital is grandiose. I have to fight off the ego they’re trying to give me.

Q: I read some of your poetry and other writing on and you appear to have a real gift for the written word. When did you first develop a passion for writing?

I started writing in 7th grade as extra credit after I was out of school sick for a few weeks. I never stopped. I guess I should track that teacher down and thank her for pushing me into it. Maybe I’ll film a tearful, hug-filled reunion. I can’t remember her name, though. Is that awful?

Q: In addition to your blog and regularly contributing to various magazines and websites such as XCritic and XBIZ, you have also participated in public readings of your original poetry. Are there any long-range goals you wish to pursue in regard to your writing?

Just more of it. I like poetry, I like blogs, I like fiction and non-fiction. I wrote and performed in one movie for Adam & Eve and it was nominated for Best Comedy at AVN last year. I’ll be taking a screenwriting class this Summer, so hopefully that will turn into one more slice of the whole.

Q: Are there any upcoming projects in the works that you would like to mention?

I’ve been shooting my first mainstream role in an independent film, “The Critic.” It’s the most interesting character I’ve ever played. And I’m still getting naked and doing naked things. All-around good stuff.

Q: In closing, is there anything you wish to say to fans and readers?

I fucking love you guys!

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