Porn History 101: The Underage Alexandra Quinn Got Caught Because She Was a Dope

Gene Ross from writes: Reality Kings are saying they were duped by 15 year-old Charrida Smalley who shot adult movies for them. History probes that's no excuse.

Alexandra Quinn performed in a significant number of adult movies when it was discovered that she, too, was 15 years old at the time. The discovery occurred when Quinn forgot to bring her fake ID to a Leisure Time shoot and used her real ID, thinking people wouldn't notice the difference.

While Quinn didn't go to jail, her movies were pulled from circulation, and for a time, Quinn took the Shelley Lubben route by going on TV's Hard Copy, playing on public sympathy by portraying herself as a lost little girl who had been taken advantage of the adult industry.

From the AdultFYI archives: "Alexandra Quinn appearing on the Howard Stern Show admitted that she faked her I.D. at the age of 15 to do porn but in the same breath bemoaned the fact that she was shunted by the adult industry - escaping the fact, of course, that some people were prosecuted in the similar Traci Lords case which occurred several years earlier. 

And, of course, it was never brought up during the Stern interview that Quinn sold out the adult business for $5,000 with an interview that she gave Hard Copy titled "Little Girl Lost" in which porno was painted like a bunch of white slavers and she, the naïve innocent. Even more galling are the comments Quinn later makes about having had to give back her AVN Awards. Quinn claims she won one for Best Anal scene which is definitely not the case.

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