Why B. Skow Really Left Vivid; Paul Thomas Coming Back

Gene Ross from www.adultfyi.com and www.geneross.com writes: from www.lukeford.com - "Allie Haze doesn’t renew her contract despite her popularity being on the rise. B. Skow leaves Vivid.

"Are the Manwin rumors perhaps true?

"Will the announcement that they absorbed Vivid be coming soon?"

Other sites ask questions, we give you the answers, and some might come as a shock. And, no, it has nothing to do with Manwin. The fact that Paul Thomas is returning to Vivid to shoot a re-make of Behind The Green Door only fuels conjecture that one incident triggered another.

Outside of Octomom and other TMZ silliness, Vivid generally keeps a tight lid on internal matters. But the lid on the B. Skow hatch was blown wide open in recent days and the rumors have been leaking like a sieve thanks to a person I'll call “Charming Chatterbox”. 

A press release came out this week announcing that Skow, after a relationship spanning almost 20 years with Vivid, was eager to branch out and begin directing projects on his own terms.

Skow apparently was just as eager to do that nine months, and that's where the story begins. Skow was a magazine photographer who moved to LA in 1991. He began working for Playboy. A makeup artist for Playboy was doing box covers for adult movies and she hooked Skow up with Vivid. 

Skow began shooting Vivid boxcovers and did all the famous Vivid billboards on Sunset Blvd. In 2005 Skow began directing movies for the company. 

Over the years Skow earned acclaim and a number of award nominations including Best Director and Best Screenplay, as well as noms in categories including blockbuster features, amateur, gonzo, parodies, and vignettes.

Depending who you talk to, Skow was making a reported $300K a year [which sounds way exaggerated] yet even with that kind of money he was looking to make a move. Skow wanted a deal similar to Axel Braun’s in which he owned his own product but he wasn’t being given it.

As a result Vivid management was alerted to the fact that Skow was in talks with another company and would be leaving once his Vivid contract was up. 

Steve Hirsch was apprised of the situation when Axel Braun and Hirsch’s sister Marcie brought the news to him. Hirsch greeted the information as lies and that whoever was spreading the story about Skow was “full of shit”.

Skow in the press release this week also said he would be launching a studio called Skow Digital. He said his plans included story-driven features, gonzo, vignettes, and niche porn. 

But from what it looks like, Skow will probably be taking over the comic book porn parody reigns over at Exquisite Multimedia’s Extreme Comixxx now that Rob Black has gone. Jordan Septo was announced as Black’s replacement but that may not happen because Septo's big project Zorro, was a commercial flop.

The fact that Thomas, who was shooting movies for Exile Distribution including The Graduate, and is now going to be doing the Behind the Green Door re-make for Vivid, makes a case that Vivid’s seriously considering him to replace Skow. Which means Thomas would be back with the company he helped put on the map.

There’s way more to this story.

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