“Dawson Miller” Hugs Her Christianity Comfort Blanket and Exposes DawsonMiller.com; “I Did It for The Money”

Gene Ross from www.adultfyi.com and www.geneross.com writes: With the Academy Awards coming up this weekend I vote for Dawson Miller in the Best Actress category.

Just yesterday I was reviewing Dawson Miller.com [Read it here] wondering why a site featuring such a hot chick would be so lame. So before you’re ready to plunk down for a membership you had better read this. Because it explains a few things.

Miller, whose real name is Justine [supposedly] went on YouTube crying the blues that this Dawson Miller website and her persona is a sham. 

Miller, aka Justine, claims that she’s a devout Christian and that she veered mightily from the path of righteousness when she took the assignment from a Canadian porn company to become Dawson Miller. 

For someone who veered, let me tell you this. Miller, aka Justine, is the best veerer I’ve ever seen on camera in my over 50 years of following this stuff. This girl knows how to flaunt her incredible body, and that you can’t fake.

Miller explains that she and her fiancé were really struggling for money when she came across a casting for a non-nude website. However, she was told that if she took it off, she could double or triple her rate.

“I was desperate by this time; it was a very desperate situation in my life,” Miller explains.

“It was very hard for me to come to that because I am a Christian. At the time I wasn’t very sound in my faith but I knew I had faith and I did believe. But my mind was so deceived at that point.”

Miller was surprised when she heard back from the company and a rep got her on the phone.

“He called me for a few months because it was a very long decision process,” Miller continues.

“And I was able to rationalize doing the website.”

Miller explains that her character was a creation, fooling fans into thinking she was 18 and a freshman in a Virginia college.

“It wasn’t who I was or what I was doing,” Miller reveals.

“It was a different person that men would be attracted to.”

According to Miller, everything happened fast and by the time she was through she had posed for over 15,000 pictures in various states of undress.

“This was done over a course of about a week.”

After the posing, Miller was supposed to keep up a blog, a webcam and journal entries as the character.

“Those were things I could do from home and be paid very good money for,” she says.

“Then I started researching pornography on the Internet. Obviously what I found was that it was wrong. It wasn’t what the bible intended. It was really a heartbreaking moment for me. That day I called the webmaster. I was sobbing. I told him I can’t do it.”

“I screwed them over, really, in a business aspect,” Miller admits.

“They obviously wanted to get as much money as they could but there wasn’t going to be the push and me being part of the site. Therefore this website automatically lost power. It lost revenue. It lost a lot just by me making that decision. With the money they invested they needed to try and make that back. So they had to go on with the site even though I wasn’t going to be a part of it.”

Miller says within a week of the website’s launch everyone in her circle knew about it.

“It was extremely traumatic for everyone involved. They thought this was who I was, that I want to be a porn star. That’s what everyone was thinking. The pictures are current. They’re updated daily and the journal is updated daily. Everything looks like it’s happening in the present time.”

Miller says the consequences of her actions are never ending.

“This is going to go on for years. As long as my naked body is on the Internet, people I don’t know and family members are believing that’s the reality. There’s nothing I can do about it, and as long as that website is up there, as long as it’s making money I will be in the porn industry.”

All I can say is what a waste of a sublime piece of ass.

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