Sandusky Scandal Pre-Empts ESPN Maturbation Lawsuit

Gene Ross from and writes: Who knew that sports would eventually kick porn off the front pages of our favorite tabloid, The Daily Dirt? 

And to think, porn in its heyday used to be so reliable when it came to sleaze. Actresses spoke out about how their agents made them sleep in dog poop. Performers and directors would invariably be found dead in cheap, tawdry motel rooms. 

Chuck Martino would invite you into his closet to whiff the breeze off an ocean called “freebase”. His ex girlfriend Farrah would be caught robbing banks.

Meanwhile other porn chicks would climb the gates of Charlie Sheen’s compound and wind up on the nightly news. Not any more. I mean, when was the last really good porn story? 

[Porn Wikileaks doesn’t count because that was about privacy issues.] 

Mope performer Stephen Hill on a collision course with a machete and rocky cliff was a pretty good diversion for a week. And when the FBI raided the facilities in Philadelphia late last year, that had everyone guessing what it was all about. 

While the porn performing Bieyanka Moore underage story down in Miami had great potential, it suddenly died in mid-sentence as did the story about the male porn performer who sacrificed live chickens to a voodoo god in exchange for a hard on. 

And, for all we know, Interpol’s favorite pinup, Lupe Fuentes, could be over at the Los Toros Mexican restaurant this afternoon in Chatsworth auditioning for a part in the Zorro XXX movie.

Who knew one day Lara Roxxx and those golf ball sized pimples on her butt would have us thinking nostalgic thoughts about Tiger Woods and finding none? For shock value, sports is now the new It-Girl, having taken over where porn left off. 

While most of them used to be kept under wraps, there’s always been sex scandals in sports. The most public one occurred in 1973 when New York Yankee pitchers Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich swapped families, including the household pets. Peterson, by the way, is still married to the former Mrs. Kekich, but the details of that musical chairs marriage, like the Rob Lowe sex tape, seem so quaint now in the re-telling.

You might pinpoint the new era of sports scandal specifically to a reported on a couple of years ago. That’s when talent agent Gina Rodriguez [you know her when she was porn performer Demi Delia] filed a police report against baseball player Andy Phillips.

The story first became public when Delia posted an official-sounding story with the title, "Former New York Yankee/Current Pittsburgh Pirate - Andy Phillips Accused Of Allegedly Impersonating Former Yankee Carl Pavano, the Phillies' Greg Dobbs, And Alleged Agent Jordan Kapler." 

Delia said she and Phillips were engaged in some sort of romantic encounter that began over emails and ended in some bizarre masquerade with Rodriguez considering herself fraudulently duped in an attempt to get into her pants. Tiger Woods made it a whole lot simpler. He paid cash and went out the back, Jack.

The way Tiger lent new meaning to the term “18 holes” is the way former assistant Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky is now having us think in terms of taking a cold shower. An accused pedophile, Sandusky allegedly recruited fuzzy cheeked 10 year-olds in a shower stall. 

Perhaps the most interesting facet of this story is not so much what Sandusky, a registered Republican, allegedly did once those kids slipped on a bar of soap, it’s the cries of shock and outrage from the self-righteous wondering how this “sucker punch” could have happened. 

Obviously those in denial don’t troll the Internet where the Sanduskys of the Twilight feed like vampires on kiddie-ass. For these pervs, a bubble bath with a 10 year-old is a day at the office. At Penn State, the list of invitees to Sandusky’s ritual Saturday night parties is now approaching 20.

Whether Sandusky, Ohio will change its city name, remains to be seen. But the Penn State story did rob us of some hoot potential over at ESPN which is like the Roman Coliseum when it comes to making a spectacle. 

Again sports reporter Erin Andrews was involved. So was Deadspin which reported an allegation that a former ESPN executive, Keith Clinkscales [pictured] jacked off while he and Andrews were sitting on a plane together.

Clinkscales, once known as “the boy wonder” of black magazine publishing, claims the whole story is a 'flat-out lie' spread by Joan Lynch, a pretty hot babe in her own right, and an executive producer he fired. In her executive producer role, Mrs Lynch most notably headed the development of the Emmy-nominated documentary series '30 for 30' over at ESPN.

Clinkscales went on to file a defamation lawsuit in Manhattan Criminal Court this week, which accused Mrs Lynch, 36, of having a partly racial motive for the accusation.

Clinkscales, who left his role as ESPN's head of content development when it was announced last month that the group was disbanding, also claims Lynch was annoyed because he was promoted over her.

[Clinkscales at 29 became chief operating officer of the hip-hop magazine Vibe before becoming a senior vice president at ESPN in 2007.]

The litigation move from Clinkscales came after Deadspin approached him for comment about the story, but before the article was published.

Then after papers had been filed, Deadspin published a report which detailed the alleged February incident on board a commercial flight from New York to Los Angeles.

Andrews, 33, and Clinkscale were travelling together on a work-related matter, with her in the middle seat and he by the aisle, the website reported.

'At some point during the trip, Andrews saw Clinkscales masturbating in his seat, beneath his iPad,' Deadspin wrote.

When he realized he had been caught, Mr Clinkscales allegedly panicked and said, 'You know, I'm one of your bosses.'

Miss Andrews reportedly told a Deadspin source about the incident, which Mr Clinkscales believes to be Ms Lynch, as well as ESPN anchor Sage Steele.

Clinkscale's lawsuit states: 'An embittered, soon-to-be unemployed ESPN executive has outrageously defamed an innocent supervisor out of spite and racial animus.'

According to the suit: 'Although Plaintiff and Ms. Andrews did sit next to each other on the flight and had a pleasant conversation about business, the "masturbation claim" is a flat-out lie.'

The lawsuit highlights emails exchanged after the flight in which the pair talk of 'upcoming projects' and says that the apparent threat to Miss Andrews 'makes no sense' as Mr Clinkscales was not her superior.

The lawsuit also states that a separate allegation that Mr Clinksclaes physically assaulted Mrs Lynch in a production trailer on December 31, 2007 is 'entirely false'.

'It's shocking behavior and I look forward to her explaining herself in a courtroom,' Clinkscales' attorney, Judd Burstein, told the New York Daily News.

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