Casey Cumz says she goes through about five or six ounces of weed a week

Gene Ross writes – When you say that Casey Cumz is smokin’, you better be clear in what context you mean.

The Two White Guys, Jason Horton and Josh Mattingly featured porn performer Cumz on their recently and she talked about, among other things, her affection for cannibis.

Better that these guys are doing it, because the interview also serves as a sound example of why I stopped chatting it up with female performers. Fans must have thought the same because comments on the YouTube page range from the entire process being “awkward” to Cumz’s “short answers” to Cumz being “obviously bored” to Cumz’s “annoying mannerisms”

You be the judge. Laidback can’t begin to describe it.

Cummz, a transient army brat who hails from Mississippi, celebrates her first anniversary in the business having started in June, 2011. In one interview she did, Cummz, who was in the military for five years [the medical field], claims to have lost her virginity while she was deployed in Afghanistan.

While she doesn’t mention that fact here, it would have been good for a whole segment by itself.

Cummz, nevertheless, has become a very popular star and it was noted that her Twitter following has blown up the past several months. Her army career was brought up and Cummz says her father made her join. Her family, she says, is military and it was the lifestyle with her transferring from school to school.

“It was like when I was 16, 17 it was let’s go to the mall and eat lunch. We’re passing by a recruiting office.”

Another golden nugget is presented when Cummz mentions that she was kicked out of the army but for reasons that seem vague.

“My ex-husband,” she claims is the reason but doesn’t go beyond that. Cummz was married while in the service with her and her husband assigned to the same company.

In another interview, Cummz offered this: “It’s kind of funny: my commander had me evaluated by a psychologist and she deemed me a ‘sex addict.’ I mean, I love sex, but it’s not like I’m about to fuck the guy in front of me at the post office or anything.

“Isn’t an addict someone who is fucking random strangers? Well, I guess, in a way, I was (laughs). I hadn’t really opened my eyes yet, so I was a little scared. I really thought I was addicted to sex and that that was a bad thing. So I started doing webcam shows. I did that for almost a year before I started doing porn.”

Asked by the Two White Guys about her reasons for getting into porn Cummz said she started sleeping with other people and that for her was fun.

“Then I started doing webcams on MyThreeCams,” she adds. “They’re totally awesome.” Cummz says she also gets to make private videos and makes thousands of dollars on that alone.

Her family isn’t too crazy about her being in porn. Her mother hates it.

“Her hubby, I think watches my porn. He’s always harassing me about specific scenes.”

According to Cummz, he’d say to her things like, “I can’t believe you fucked those black guys you fucking whore, in that scene you did, blah-blah-blah. I go how would you know about that scene, how did you know I did that? But I have a good relationship with my father. I’m a daddy’s girl.”

Cummz says her porn work is pretty much taken up with DVDs and webcamming.

“I don’t really do any website-stuff. To me DVDs are more important because you kinda have to buy those in the store.”

Cummz is also asked about coining the word butt-gina.

“I love anal sex, it’s one of my things. When I first came in my agent was like don’t do anal, yet; don’t do interracial yet; don’t do this, don’t do that. I wanted to do everything! So I get booked for a lot of anal scenes. I was high one night with my friend Jimmy and he says you butt’s like a vagina. So I put that on my Twitter page.”

Jason says what’s great about Cummz is that she’s unapologetic for the things she does and says. Cummz mentions that she enjoys working with Lily LaBeau as well as Celeste Star, James Deen, Mr. Marcus and TJ Cummings.

On her Amazon wish-list, if I heard it correctly, Cummz includes among other things a Honda Civic, an Atlantic Furniture Windsor Desk, an inflatable alligator, an Israeli civilian gas mask with a NATO filter and a straight jacket.

“I like bondage type stuff,” she explains.

Cummz explains that male fans will send her shoes and she’ll return the favor with signed copies of DVDs.

Cummz work three to four days a week and on her time off she “smokes a lot of weed”. Cummz says she goes through about five or six ounces of weed a week.

Asked if she did normal things like shopping at Target, Cummz replied that she’ll go to the grocery store.

“I’m very modest. I’m not really a big shopper.”

Cummz’ interviewers tried to pinpoint her accent. She said her parents are from Detroit, Michigan and she’s been to finishing schools in different parts of the country.

“You sound like you could be from California,” said Josh.

Asked if she had “loftier goals” in the business, Cummz replied that it was more like a vacation for her and she planned at least another year. She’s returning home next month to visit family.

Being from the south, Cummz says she’s received a lot of Baptist-Jehovah witness backlash on her Facebook page.

“I haven’t talked to anyone so it would be interesting to see what happens when I go home.”