Mistaken for Kim Kardashian – What Do The Cards Have in Store for Sagittarius Amia Miley?

Gene Ross writes - Porn performer Amia Miley claims it’s her ass that’s been causing all the buzz on the Internet today. 

At first the photo was thought to be that of Kim Kardashian chowing down naked on some food. And that would have been a reasonable assumption. Except it’s Miley who claims she tweeted the photo over a year ago. We’ve seen photos and vids of Miley and put it this way, we’re bit skeptical. 

In any event Kanye West was being fingered for putting the picture out there.

Early Wednesday, Miley wrote, “Apparently a naked photo of me eating is going viral… as Kim Kardashian…. Im confused.” [Frankly, so are we.]

She added: “[I'm] not going [to] argue about whether that pic is me or not.. want proof?” Miley tweeted. “Look at the back dimple piercings [sic] kim k doesn’t have those.”

Amia also told TMZ that she has “never hooked up with Kanye”.

Publicity stunt? You bet. Because just as this story was breaking, another one had Hip hop star West allegedly having meetings with Manwin to start producing X-rated versions of his music videos. Have you noticed how naked ass pictures always surface at the same time a business deal is about to be announced?

Miley also included a photo of her bottom for comparison to prove it’s her.
The porn video news and tweet reportedly caused a Kardashian meltdown, but West denies he posted the photo.

A source close to West confirmed to TMZ that West never sent the tweet and it may be part of a #WanksterWednesday day prank.

For her part, Amia Miley was born November 23rd thus making her a Sagittarius. She’s an Italian/Hawaiian mix from Arizona. When Miley was interviewed on www.lukeisback.com it was noted that she loves Harry Potter & Lord of the Rings and if she watches TV it’s the Discovery Channel. 

Miley explains how she got into the business: “I’ve always done modeling. I actually did a fashion show for Adam & Eve, for their clothing line and I had no idea it was a porn company until after I did the fashion show. When I was eighteen I started modeling bathing suits. 

“Plus I knew a couple people who did porn. I’ve always been around the fringes. I watched Pirates and after seeing that I knew it was what I wanted to do.”

Miley describes herself as a prude and an innocent girl in the younger version of herself.

“I wasn’t a slut at all as far as hooking up with people. But I was pretty slutty as far as dating a lot of guys and I kissed everybody. But I wasn’t having sex. 

“I was scared to do all this naughty stuff. I was friends with everybody. I was a cheerleader but I wasn’t the stereotypical stuck up cheerleader at all. I was really good at math and science. I was kind of nerdy.”

Before getting into porn, Miley worked for a marketing company. Her first porn scene was for FTV Girls and it was a solo.

“I didn’t really know how to do anything,” she says. 

“In porn it’s like an alternate world. Before porn I was so afraid that I didn’t know how to do anything. But in porn everything is accepted. It is a fantasy world. You can feel comfortable.”

“I don’t really party, or drink or do drugs or anything,” she continues.

“So I’m not really into the drama. I get along with a lot of girls and guys well, but I’m more like acquaintances, but I don’t really want to go out and party.”

Asked what her family thinks of her choice of careers, she replies: “My Mom has been telling me since I was young that I was going to grow up to be a porn star or an escort or something. 

“It wasn’t because I was slutty or a whore or anything. It was because I dressed like one. And I had so many guy friends and they would spend the night at my house or passed out in my bedroom. There were always guys over and I was always wearing short shorts. So my Mom would always kid around and say you are going to grow up to be a porn star.”

Who knows better than mom and the Tarot cards?

Actually what Miley says about her being innocent isn’t so far fetched because the November 23rd Sag has a very strong sense of morality. Yet at the same time they’ll flout convention and defy the status quo. 

It’s not so much that this Sag makes choices to suit themselves but to get a rise out of other people. And because this Sag is also drawn to large numbers of people, it gives a great deal of validity to Miley’s description of herself in high school. 

People born on this date make excellent teachers, sports coaches, motivational speakers and neurotics. They’re quite entrepreneurial and never at a loss for making money.

The “draw” card in Miley’s reading is The Five of Cups. Her loss is someone else’s gain or vice-versa. When this card shows up in a reading we’ve either already heard, or are about to get some bad news. 

It’s a bummer card to be sure. This card can louse up a mood for a minute, a day, a week, a month or longer. On more superficial levels it might mean your favorite team just lost a game or you’ve lost a wallet with a lot of money in it. Or, possibly, you have to replace a tire on your car. 

Sometimes when this card shows up in a reading you don’t even want to venture out of the house. It all depends on the person.

The card in aspect is The Eight of Wands which means all that we’ve just said has yet to materialize, but it’s on its way. 

Will there be some fallout from Miley’s tweeting episode? I would think so judging by this card. And when these two cards are together, you’ve got a collision course which concerns pranks or stunts that backfire and jokes that are taken the wrong way. 

Of a more serious consequence, these cards in tandem are forewarnings of accidents and advice to be extremely cautious. You’re entering a period where it’s not a smart idea to be taking risks.

The Ace of Cups next in the reading is telling Miley that if she’s feeling the blues, to hold out until June 21st and the beginning of Summer. 

In this context, then, the Eight of Wands can now also be seen as literally eight days of nonsense and the testing of one’s patience when nothing seems to go right or as planned. 

In other words, Miley’s probably in for a crappy week but that will all change by next Thursday.

The Two of Swords is telling us that some significant event occurs on or about June 26th. It’s relative to cars and transportation, or the arrival of an item by Federal Express or UPS.

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