Looking at Sinister Comixxx’s Birds of Prey XXX

Gene Ross writes - As winos go, whenever one hovers in a shivering mass over the grate of a NYC subway in the dead of winter, the temptation’s to lend some practical Horace Greeley advice. “Go West young man.” In other words, get thee to where it’s warm – like Santa Monica.

No different in the Gotham City-Metropolis urban universe. Because the obvious question is, Batman and Superman notwithstanding, what’s with all the per capita crime statistics? 

These two cities have more action than Sodom and Gomorrah put together so it’s pretty hard to imagine law-abiding citizens abiding all this psychopathic tomfoolery. But, like the winos, the good people of Gotham City somehow remain steadfast in their resolve to suffer through another wave of crooks. [Forget the politicians.] 

The bigger question is, why?

Batman and Robin obviously not being enough, in 1995 Chuck Dixon came up with the idea of a team of sexy super heroines called Birds of Prey featuring The Oracle, Huntress and Black Canary. Their assignment? Why Gotham City of course, thank you for asking. 

Needless to say, in Birds of Prey XXX they do their job the old fashioned way by fucking snitches and confederates like Rocco Reed’s The Green Arrow for information. Rocco has since moved over to the gay side of the business, but it wouldn’t be surprising if his shafts sail in both directions.

While industry legend Tom Byron, physically, makes an excellent Commissioner Gordon, one also wonders how the guy manages to keep his job year in and year out.

But rank has its perks, and you’ll note that super heroines [like Gracie Glam’s Huntress] are also capable of sucking commissioner cock. Even after all these years, Byron sexually continues to leap tall buildings at a single bound.

That Birds of Prey XXX was chosen as the debut release from Sinister Comixxx and its parent company Sinister X Syndicate, goes to show that Rob Black and company aren’t resting on their laurels. 

‘Cause this is by no means an easy project to pull off, and it took moxie with a crack cast [take that any way you wish] with a little less than a Warner Brothers credit line. 

Even still. The bar has long been raised on the standard of porn parodies in general. But comic books? From costuming to stage crafting to just plain plausible believability, if not on the money, your audience can smell cheese as though the state of Wisconsin just moved into Canoga Park. And, well, there’s a whole thing called guerilla film making that comes into play. 

Roger Corman wrote the book on it, and no one in porn is better at it than Rob Black who displays an impressive command of improvisational skills. 

To relate Oracle’s [Brooklyn Lee] back story, for instance, a single gunshot and cackling laughter replaces pages of script. Voila, Oracle’s now confined to a wheelchair. 

Without Bill Clinton surgically attached to her arm, Brooklyn passes readily as an intellectual. Amazing what a pair of glasses can do. Amazing, also how a wheelchair kind of puts a crimp into your love life. 

Lee in the picture is romancing cop Tommy Gunn. When the California industry was first introduced to Brooklyn she was doing public anal scenes at the Flagler Memorial in South Beach. Not surprisingly she’s a bit more docile here.

As befitting a cesspool of crime and police corruption, Black adopts the familiar noir trappings of brooding shadows, dark nooks, dangerous back alleys, seedy hotel rooms, tart exchanges, good looking dames and fluid cinematography to tell his story. 

A drug deal’s gone bad- someone’s apparently been sneaking into the drywall – and the Black Canary [Kagney Linn Karter] is there to kick ass quicker than Cal-OSHA.

You know things are possibly out of control when Gunn’s the only good cop on the force. Just saying that because Tommy with that William Smith tough guy mug of his, has bad ass written all over him. 

Call me a skeptic from watching too many cop movies but that sharkskin suit Gunn’s wearing and Haliburton suitcase he’s carrying looks and smells like trouble. 

And talk about a way different look. Chanel Preston as the dangerously seductive Dr. Harleen Quinzel is the feature’s big, but delectable surprise. Put a blond wig on a brunette and some sass in her mouth, it happens ever time. 

Quinzel’s up to no good in her quest to take over the city, while Alexis Texas as her slightly dim-witted assistant has found something a bit more challenging that the usual bikini ass-tease movies she’s handed. 

With Talia Al Ghul [Lizzy Borden], an assassin and escapee from a prison break in Jakarta, we’ve got the makings of mayhem and a lesbian threesome which fucks to incandescent delirium. 

It wouldn’t be surprising to note that Alexis’ money maker- her ripe round ass is the focal point of this standout grouping. Another sapphic threeway comes later with Kagney Linn Karter, Gracie Glam & Brooklyn Lee

Pared down to its iconic essentials, the plot, action and character of Birds of Prey XXX are evenly balanced and make for a pip of a parody. 

Packing fistfuls of nerve and a penchant for striking the bold stroke, Black always had this thing about working a crowd with his movies. Even going back to his Extreme days, Black was also a fussbudget about the way his movies would look on a shelf. 

Though Birds of Prey XXX is way beyond that. It’s a three disc extravaganza that comes in a stop-in-your-tracks metal tin. I could be wrong, but the only mainstream company I remember pulling this off was Walt Disney for their special collectors’ sets like Davy Crockett. 

I also believe no one’s tried a porn parody of that one. A challenge? Not necessarily.